Help Save My Christmas Season

Help Save My Christmas Season!
So goes the best laid plans.…. figured that after 32 years serving the Mill Valley community my friends and clients would find me at 31 Sunnyside, that didn't happen, I also figured that given the weather and virus l'd create a great online shop, I did…..and bupkis. To my long time friends and clients, please click here use the code "TheHat14" get 1 (or more) item, there's so much cool stuff and you'll get 30% OFF any purchase. Come to my shop, get the same deal Plus, "The BIGGER the Pile, the Better the Deal" I know there's still time to go shopping, starting tomorrow at my shop, get great end of year Deals. Alberto Pants, Haupt Shirts, Really soft Cashmere Sweaters, Johnny Was Blankets, Plush
Robes, Supple Leathers, Fleece PJ's, Lounge Wear (for men and women) so cool you could wear to dinner and lots more. Shop Locally at business's that give back to our Schools, Parade, Block Party, Music and much more. Larry is the "Heart" the driving force of our business community, those merchants are a big part of our small town magic, it takes a village and ours is the best! Spread the word, visit Famous4, or shop online at lets not forget the legendary Larry the Hat.
Happy New Year
Larry The Hat

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