Famous4 Emporium Blog

  • One for the Road Concert Celebrate Famous4 32 years in Mill Valley and Now Closing

    I have a crazy dream. In it all my friends and clients come shopping at Famous4, you all buy one item and there’s nothing left. Wild, right or crazy, maybe not. You can make it happen, keep my dream alive, you can support me finding a new location in my cherished community.
  • Famous4 Owner Talks Up Thriving Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley

    Lucy Mercer and 142 Throckmorton Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You
    With “foot-stomping” celebration of Warren Hellman set for Saturday night, the venue that kept the Mill Valley arts and music scene alive looks to thrive in the wake of the Sweetwater Music Hall’s debut.
  • Famous4 Holiday Dance Party with Bonnie Hayes!

    We love that Bonnie Hayes and her band played such a rocking set during the Famous4 holiday party and in-store concert.
  • Dan Hicks and Emily Reed Play At Famous4 In-Store Concert Series

    Master jammer Dan Hicks and coy crooner Emily Reed serenade the cozy crowd at a Famous4 In-Store concert in The Heart of Mill Valley, California. If you look closely, you can spot Larry “The Hat” Lautzker in the mix. Famous4, which is known for its fun fashion and enjoyable events, hosted a variety of different artists during this years concert series. . .
  • Cool Gift Ideas at Famous4

    synonymous with its notorious proprietor, local music promoter, event planner, and philanthropist, Larry “The Hat” Lautzker.
    Larry, or “The Hat”, as his oldest friends call him, has dressed some of Bay Area’s most famous personalities in music, film, and television and is always on the cutting edge of sartorial technology and electric forms of transportation. 

  • Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and JeConte Play Famous4 All-Star Jam in Mill Valley

    The one and only Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead jams out with JeConte at the Famous4 All-Star Jam in The Heart of Mill Valley, California. If you pay attention and listen well at 1:22, you can catch Weir giving a lyrical shout-out to Famous4 and its proprietor, Larry "The Hat" Lautzker. . .
  • Alberto Pants We Love

    Gents, are you looking for a fantastic everyday slack with a five-pocket fit and a technical fabric that thinks for itself? Then look no further th...
  • Stylish Success at the Humane Society Fundraiser!

    For the Love of Animals
    Nearly 300 people attended our For the Love of Animals gala fundraiser held on Saturday, April 14 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Mill Valley Community Center.
  • Pondering Prairie Underground…

    It’s an uncharacteristically mellow Saturday afternoon in downtown Mill Valley and I can’t help but wonder if everyone is soaking up the rays at Stinson Beach. The air is warm, the sun is out, and I am pondering one of the hottest outerwear designers in the U.S., Prairie Underground. Designed and manufactured in Seattle, Washington, this effortlessly elegant line of organic jackets and coats epitomizes 
  • Matt Jaffe Plays “New Continent” at the Mill Valley Block Party!

    This was an outstanding event in The Heart of Mill Valley by Famous4 and Matt Jaffe was one of many talented rockers, rollers, and crooners. In this rendition of “New Continent”, the Mill Valley, California crowd is definitely picking up what they’re putting down. . .
  • Jubilant Jewelry

    From long strands of gorgeous glass beads, to retro typewriter key pendants, to one of a kind pieces of art to wear around your little finger, Famo...
  • I Love A Parade!

    In a 180 degree “about face,” Mill Valley’s I Love A Parade committee now “desires” that the Marin Peace and Justice Coalition join its upcoming Memorial Day Parade.