Easy Rider

What are ya doing this weekend? 


Maybe you could find a little time to check out my new shop?


I’ve been thinking that these posts could be a unique way to start writing my book.  


It seems that everyone who knows me or has been in my old space, heard some of my tales, and tells me I have to write it down. 


So, today I’ll share a part of my “Easy Rider” story.  


It was May 1969, another of those warm your bones, bright and sunny days at Southermost Beach, the tip of Key West, Florida and the southern most spot in the good ole USA. Living in Key West for the past 7 months was like living in another country. 


No rules, great fresh organic food daily, carefree easy living in our big southern style mansion right on Duval St, the main road through town. 


However, this day was different, the chapter of this story book adventure was coming to an end. There was a party, a celebratory send-off for me and Indian Ron, a skinny, long stringy haired, dark skinned brother from Ceylon. 


We were heading to New York, it was just time to go, not knowing what was next. We were traveling in Ron’s old British racing green Triumph Roadster with his wacky Irish Setter “Goony”. 


All the folks at our commune decided to paint the car as a parting gift. 


Well, can you imagine what it looked like, especially after everyone one of us took acid. Starting early in the day before it got too hot, Ron and I watched this hippy art car begin to take shape. 


After hours of meticulous work and much to our great psychedelic joy, this dark racing green Triumph was adorned with the brightest colors of the most beautiful flowers, peace signs, rainbows and every other abstract design you can imagine. 


Our trek up north began at midday, with hugs from all our sisters, brothers, lovers and friends we were on our way and very, very high. 


About 50 miles into our 1400 mile leisurely, very stoned journey, we were suddenly being tailgated by an old beat up Chevy pick-up truck, being yelled at to pull over by what appeared to me, two of the biggest Red Necks I’d ever seen. 


LSD induced Easy Rider moment for me to say the least. When I turned to Ron, completely freaked out, yelling “we gotta speed up and get away from these guys” Ron who was as chilled out a Hippy as you would ever meet just smiled. 


In the most peaceful Rastaman type voice he said “don’t worry mon, it will be alright”. 


 I wasn’t convinced and as he began to slow down, I pleaded don’t stop, please don’t stop. 


He just had this beatific smile on his face, as he slowed to a complete stop on a sand dune alongside the beautiful crystal blue Atlantic Ocean…. If you wanna hear the rest of the story, come visit me this weekend. Use the secret code “Goony” and get some amazing deals. 


Famous4 open 12-5 Saturday and Sunday, 31 Sunnyside ( just around the corner from my old space) Ave. 


If you can’t make it this weekend, call for a private shopping (hear the end of the story) spree anytime at 415-265-2550 and please checkout my online shop at famous4.net.

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