Famous4 the shop has and always will be a place of networking and sharing a philosophy of love, growth and nurturing. Whether through understanding the quote above, dressing y’all to feel good, or producing the Memorial Day Parade, my life is full. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.

The Parade is the biggest and most meaningful event each year and is a very special part of my life.

Whether it’s the Veterans ceremony, honoring those who gave their lives for freedom, Fashion Police protecting our kids from the trauma caused by serious fashion offenders, to the After Parade Party raising money to support Arts Education in our schools, the city leaders and your trust to put these events together is the stuff my dreams are made of.

I hope everyone reading this can be a part, as a participant of watching. Check out mviloveaparade.com to learn more. My hope we can spend more time together and impact our town and the world around creating more love and positive change.

Only a life in service to others is worth living - Albert Einstein

About Love Is Project

Why LOVE? Well, in a world that can feel heavy, divided, and discouraging at times, there is only one thing that helps us to thrive—LOVE. It’s the single common thread that connects us all. So, with one small idea and one bracelet, Love Is Project was born.

From the very start the brand has made vibrant, high-quality, and gorgeous beaded items. Blown away by their craft and compassionate community, we have decided to work with these artisans to share their ideas in the form of a bracelet emblazoned with one powerful word: LOVE.

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