Dog Dream About Life

I gotta share part of a dream I had, it was with a talking Dog. The dogs says, "I wish I was my sister, she has so much, if I had all her money I'd be happy" to which I replied, "having lotsa stuff won't make you happy, life is an inside job" then I woke up! Then I saw a quote about finding happiness "I don't have answers for you, I do have questions that could help you find it". That's always been my mission at Famous4 Dressing folks to look good starts with the inside and building confidence thru conversation about who you are, your values leads to what you wear and that's part of the Famous4 experience. I'm real serious about this and don't care a hoot about selling clothes to anyone! If our interaction(s) have improved the quality of your life, then I have done (defined by the intention above) my job. It's all about relationships and making things better, not just looking good or having lotsa stuff!
Larry the Hat

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