Esteemable Acts Saved Me

I opened Famous4 in1989 and never could have imagined it would become the foundation, a healing place for me and countless others. I learned about self compassion, (one day at a time) love and forgiveness. My partners gave me the space go on a journey of recovery, from drugs. alcohol, spiritual bankruptcy and an empty heart. 

Esteemable acts saved me, giving back to my community where it all started was a very big part of my healing.

This is my 30th anniversary as producer/participant of the MilI Valley Memorial Day Parade. To say the opportunity to be a part of the biggest event in town each year is not enough. From the community participation at the Volunteer Fire Department Pancake Breakfast, Veterans Ceremony, Parade and After Parade Party at the Rec Center, this is a very, very special day. 

Starting in 1992 as co producer of the parade with the legendary Joe (Avenue Grill, Joes Taco Lounge) Leis and launching the Famous4 Fashion Police, it’s been a great honor bringing light to one of our country’s most important days. The Fashion Police’s role, “protecting our kids from serious fashion offenders” has been a great honor!

Please, if you see me around town or want to visit at my new shop, feel free, ask me to share all the great stories about the parade and fashion police these past 30 years.

Come to all these great events Monday May 30th and honor those “who gave their lives for our freedom”. Producing the parade is one of my great joys in life, Thanks allowing me to be of service, an Esteemable act that saved my life! 

About Dizzy Lizzie

Timeless, modern patterns and prints, the “Dizzy-Lizzie” line is a designer collection for the modern day woman. Founded in 2006 by designer Liz Lighton , these timeless dresses, pants, jackets , and “Tizzie” shirts are redefining the way women dress. Lighton’s passion for prints are shown through every detail in her clothes, such as the ribbon trims, stretched fabric, cuffed sleves, and inner cotton linings.

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