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I’ve been told by a lot of folks and for many years “you should write a book” my refrain “I’ve just been Livin my life” odaat. I never had a definitive plan, what difference would my story make. Making a difference is what motivates me!
I’m now realizing there might be value in sharing my story.
My intention, if you like most of us, is “to shorten the path from childhood growing pains to love.

To all those most loved, important people all around me now and who will join along the way, Please come visit, your stories are a part of mine and I’d like to share those stories as well.

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Beyond the Brand

Why LOVE? Well, in a world that can feel heavy, divided, and discouraging at times, there is only one thing that helps us to thrive—LOVE. It’s the single common thread that connects us all. So, with one small idea and one bracelet, Love Is Project was born.

From the very start the brand has made vibrant, high-quality, and gorgeous beaded items. Blown away by their craft and compassionate community, we have decided to work with these artisans to share their ideas in the form of a bracelet emblazoned with one powerful word: LOVE.

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