1st Day Before Christmas

On the 1st day before Christmas
My true love said to me, did you see Larry the Hat's email? He thanked everyone for the 32 years serving the community, for giving him the opportunity to better himself and community to make our town a better place for our kids and everybody. He wished everyone to have a Love filled, safe, joyous and abundant holiday! But, I know there's still those last minute gifts, we could still go shopping or call I know Larry would delivery. Really soft Cashmere Sweaters, Johnny Was Blankets, Plush Robes, Supple Leathers, Fleece PJ's, Lounge (for both) Wear so cool you could wear to dinner and still have it for Xmas. Lets spread the word, visit Famous4, or online at Famous4.net support Larry so he can continue to support our Mill Valley. But he's moved, it doesn't matter, it's around the corner 31 Sunnyside, he's a fixture since 1989, JUST DO IT! Shop Locally, at business that give back to our Schools, Parade, Block Party, Music and much more. Larry is the "Heart" the driving force of that business community spirt, those merchants are a big part of our small town magic, it takes a village and ours is the best!

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