Happy Musings

Amazing time here in Mill Valley, especially watching the 49ers game at the Sweetwater Music Hall!

San Francisco, the counterculture capital of the world, is reveling in the the success of Colin Kaepernick and our beloved 49ers’ victory over the cheesheads from Greenbay. From hippies to straight business men, we are all celebrating the 49ers as they continue their march toward the Super Bowl.

If you couldnt be at Candlestick Park for the 49er game, the next best place to be was the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley. People were adorned in red and gold in support of their home team and the energy was high all night long. In short, the joint was jumpin’. I stuck around after the game and really enjoyed Foreverland, a 14-piece horn driven Michael Jackson tribute band that absolutely rocked the house.

Now a new week has started and I am at the shop listening to a cut from Mark Knopfler’s new album called “Why Aye Man”. I don’t really believe in vaccinations, but with all this flu stuff going around I am taking Doctors Shen’s Yin Chiao and ashwagandha herbs. I have to say I am feeling really good. I have always beleived that if you are going to live in fear of the flu, then you are that much more suceptible. But if you are not living in fear, you are guaranteed to be more healthful

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