WOOD and a Friendly Hello

Well, here we go again, I can do the reminder stroll up thing, BUT before that part, GUYS, check out WOOD Underwear either at my shop or at famous4.net the comfort/fit is the best on the market today, and as I like to say “most guys can always use a little more Wood”!
To continue, it’s a warm and sunny weekend, perfect for a stroll up Sunnyside Ave, Mill Valley’s “Safest Street” (except for the Sidewalks) nobody goes there. Adorned with memorable landmarks, (why hike in the hills) you have the beautiful Redwood Grove (behind Playa) over the Mill Valley (if you are lucky you can see Salmon swimming) Creek, (which thankfully is now full) past the historic “Ghost House” as you stroll further up the hill, you have Prabh Indian Kitchen, breaking the 100-year-old curse of “No Restaurant can survive” is memorable and the beautiful El Paseo Alley home to the venerable Richard Habib’s Alexanders Rugs, experience his entertaining encyclopedic knowledge of rug history or check out the new “Paseo” restaurant, the food is really good! As you continue up the street you’ll find the world-renown John Goddard’s “Village Music” warehouse in the hallway behind Kitchen Sunnyside, great for breakfast and lunch. Then on course to my favorite spot and the place most of you haven’t seen or me for the past year “Famous4” with all, it’s great goods and of course the networking and stories. After that, you have the big cool green door behind Bungalow 44 and across the street “Honey Girl” taking care of the beautiful women of Mill Valley’s needs.
If you’re not up for a hike, famous4.net is my new online shop, use the code “TheHat14” get 1 (or more) item, there’s so much cool stuff and you’ll get 30%OFF any purchase or if you can come by my shop get the 30%- 50% OFF most items, “The BIGGER the Pile, Better the Deal”
All the best, 
Larry The Hat

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