Georg Roth Los Angeles
      Fashion designer Georg Roth is best known in America for his Men’s and Women’s elaborate shirting’s. A game changer in the menswear industry by rolling the sleeves the Georg Roth way, has become a standard in merchandising and visuals, along with the way men are wearing their shirts.
      Born in Germany, Georg began his career in fashion neckwear at the age of seventeen. He traveled throughout Europe and expanded his studies in textiles. He had an eye for color and created fabrics that were never seen in the fashion apparel market. Years later, he brought his collection to America, and fell in love with the California lifestyle. Georg Roth Los Angeles was born.
      It was a natural for Georg to create women’s and he launched his women’s collection of blouses mixing color and details that have wooed the industry. To master the fit, it was a two-year development process to engineer a button up blouse that can accommodate sizing of all shapes and sizes.


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